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I was so ready to be in love
Betrothed to an idea
That hadn’t yet shown itself
But look hard enough and things will appear
You can even see oxygen in water if you get too close

I found oxygen in us
A facade of fresh air
But bring your face to breathe in water and you will drown

So here I am, sitting in a puddle of water
Betrothed to an idea

Morro Bay was my favorite trip ever.
I don’t feel like posting this on Instagram but I want people to see that I’ve been getting better at work, so I’m bugging you guys with it. ☺️

I am not happy to be awake today
I was woken in the middle of the night
My car was broken into
My laptop, vintage Rayban sunglasses, and camera lens were all in there
Well, they still are
The thieves took only an air compressor, go figure
I fell asleep after the police left
I wish I didn’t have to wake
I wonder if she dreams of me too
She doesn’t know I exist, but
I have a theory
Feeling, hope
That in our dreams
Our souls explore the universe in ways that our bodies are afraid to
If one wishes to fly, he needs only to leap
Our soul knows that, so in dreams we fly
If one wishes to visit space, the only requirement is to respect the limitless expanse, so in dreams we skip between stars
And if two souls fit perfectly together, in dreams they are justly so

Wakefulness is beautiful
But her and I are separated here
For Zeus himself feared us

I am not happy to be awake today

It’s so nice to have you
Even if you’re only in my mind

I am not a real person
If they look long enough, they’ll see
I am translucent

If I were a real person
I would be a terrible one
If I were transparent, they’d see
Through me, horrible, horrible things

But I am not
I would know

If I were, the bright sun would know me
Better than the clouded moon
And hours would last sixty minutes
But the blinding sun never sits as close as my shady moon, and I’ve been lost in the passing hour for years

Do not name your daughters after your favorite cities
Do not relate them to your most pleasant memories
Do not think of them as your winkled skin

Your daughters are unknown terrain
They are ever changing wonders
And they are their own

So name your daughter India, because you’ll probably never visit, and even if you journeyed there every September, you’d still discover something new each year
Relate her to the universe, because it is such an extraordinary, growing entity; because it is limitless
Lastly, think of her as foreign. She is not the smile on your face, or the tear on your cheek. She is the wrinkles of her own flesh.

What I do.