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But also, there are so many beautiful girls out there who are asking for attention because they don’t know they’re beautiful. I think a lot of the time we get annoyed when we see her posting another selfie, or doing that thing she does for attention again, when really, it doesn’t hurt us for someone to ask for attention. And the reason for them asking is probably because they don’t feel like they deserve attention, due in large part to us as a society telling them that they’re not enough in one way or another. So y’know what we should do, give it to them. Like the third selfie they posted today, compliment their over-the-top outfit, laugh at their never-ending jokes, give them the attention that no one else will. I think this should say “NOTHING BEAUTIFUL NEEDS TO ASK FOR ATTENTION"  because sometimes beautiful doesn’t know it’s beautiful.
Aluminium Cabin || JVA
 Holy Monastery of Rousanou || Meteora, Greece
Owning an E30 is motor-powered happiness.
Mount Athos Simonopetra Monastary
Iceland \ Andre Ermolaev